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It’s All Because of Hugh Grant

Thanks to my in-the-know friends and to browsing through People during my lunch hour, I’d say I’m pretty immersed in pop culture and in the latest celebrity gossip. For example, without fail, Julie will ALWAYS send me YouTube videos related to current events, like Beyonce’s Super Bowl Half-time performance or Jennifer Lawrence’s goofy press conference after receiving her Oscar. This afternoon, I found out that the upper part of Anne Hathaway’s pale pink Oscar dress is pretty much see through, showing her, ahem, bosom. Despite my interest in the latest star scoop, I rarely watch movies. I fell asleep during the Avengers and the last movie I saw was Chimpanzee, a Disney Documentary film of a group of – you guessed it – chimpanzees (not gonna lie – I highly enjoyed it!). I completely missed the 2 biggest blockbusters of the holiday season: I have not seen Les Miserables nor The Hobbit, both of which I vowed to watch when I first saw their trailers. The only time I watch movies at home is when I’m over at Lisa’s or Julie’s or my cousins’ place for an event specifically titled Movie Night, where we get together for the intention of actually watching a movie. Sometimes my movie-fix comes from my brother, who would update me with his latest find from Pirate Bay and I’d watch whatever it is he downloaded (The Hangover II was the last one). Recently, I opened a Netflix account with the hope of watching more movies, but, alas, my concerned friends suckered me into watching How I Met Your Mother. So, now, I obsessively watch Ted et al.  every night before I go to bed (by the way, I love Ted Mosby – he’s so endearing!). I know, you can stop feeling sorry for me. Anyways, I’m trying to convince you that I don’t really watch movies. Mission accomplished, no?

That is, until I have an entire day with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do, like this past Christmas in Ballybofey. I kid you not, I don’t think I’ve watched so many movies in a row (unless you count the overnight  Lord of the Rings marathon Lisa and I had in high school. Come on, 1 of those is the equivalent of 2 movies!). We’d alternate between manly movies, like The Mummy and 007, and girly movies, like P.S. I Love You (we were in Ireland!) and Notting Hill (we were going to London and Hugh Grant!!).

I thought nothing more of him until we found ourselves in the west end of London on New Years Day with nothing planned. So, I casually suggested we check out Notting Hill and see the streets on which Hugh Grant once strolled what the fuss is all about.


All parts of London are well-labeled, so you almost don’t need a city map as their directions are top-notch and are guaranteed to point you in the right way. We got off the tube and just followed the signs for Portobello Street Market. Either that, or you can just follow the throngs of people (locals and tourists alike) who are all making their way towards the market.


True to its portrayal in the movie, Notting Hill is a charming neighborhood with a very laid back attitude.

All kinds of signs for sale!

All kinds of signs for sale!

Over the hill, we came to a street lined with colorful storefronts, sidewalk tables displaying vintage paraphernalia, and crepe stands with their aroma enticing us as we walked past.


Something blue

Something blue

Silver, anyone?

Silver, anyone?

4 - London 2012_20134

And the sky! My goodness, it certainly put an awesome display of sunset that evening.


Branching off the main street are the elegant, colorful houses of Notting Hill, rising tall into the sky.

NottingHill7 NottingHill8

We never did find Hugh Grant’s travel bookstore, but I didn’t really mind. I’m just glad we took the chance to explore a different side of London.


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  1. Looks awesome! Les Miserables was great, you should see it… actually I invited you that day, didn’t I?

    AND you should watch the TV series Justified… 🙂


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