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Strolling Through Borough Market, London.

Caution: Food ahead. Don’t blame me if you end up hungry after reading this post. Heck, I want some snacks right about now!


After our crazy ride into London, we find ourselves sleeping in the next day, only leaving in the afternoon just in time to catch the last few opening hours of the Borough Market.

Located over London Bridge, on the South Bank of the Thames, Borough Market has been in operation since 1041 (hard to believe, I know, but impressive nonetheless). Its strategic location makes it very convenient for traders to buy/sell vegetables, livestock, and spices.

Tower Bridge, as viewed from London Bridge

Tower Bridge, as viewed from London Bridge

Today, it is considered to be one of the most famous food markets in London, selling a wide variety of local and international products. And so it was with our stomachs growling, wallets full of sterlings, and an adventurous appetite, that we strolled through Borough, ooh-ing and aah-ing at everything we saw. The hardest part of the evening was constraining myself from buying everything I saw, I can only eat so much, you know.

With so many varieties of food, it was really tough to choose which one to buy. Fortunately, many of them offer samples of their products, so we happily munched on these as we walked the market.

Borough1 IMAG0704-1

Empanada and foccacia

Empanada and foccacia

Gourmet chocolate bars

Gourmet chocolate bars



Mini Magoo’s Granolas

There are vendors selling cheese (of course!)…

Cheesemonger! I just love that word!

Cheesemongers! I just love that word!

… every kind of salami/ham/sausage imaginable…


… spices…


… and teas with exotic names that make me sound like a tea connoiseur when I say them out loud.

Borough6Then there is the wet market, with vendors selling fish and other seafood…


… poultries I’d never imagine eating (Goose? Pheasants? REALLY?) …


… and fresh fruits and vegetables.

IMAG0750-1 Phone Pictures - Christmas Trip 201210

One last picture for good measure and also because I’m still very proud of myself for eating those oysters:

Paella & RAW oysters (proud travel moment right here!)

Paella & RAW oysters (adventurous eating moment right here!)

All in all, it was an evening well spent at the market. And I’m not saying that because I LOVE going to the markets (if you haven’t yet noticed), I’m sure everyone else also agrees with me (right, guys!?). I mean, how can you not enjoy it when there are SO! MANY! THINGS! to see, to sample, to buy, and to take pictures of?

If you ever find yourself in London, I highly recommend grabbing one of your meals from the Borough Market. Not only would it be more affordable (London is EXPENSIVE, yo!), but I guarantee it’ll also be very delicious. However, the market is only open on certain days, so to avoid disappointment, check their website before you go!

P.s. pictures above were exclusively taken using my phone. As grainy as some of them are, I’m still pretty impressed with how good they turned out!


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