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Belfast’s Christmas Market: A Feast for Your Eyes

After the sobering history lesson on Belfast, we made our way to the city centre to make our Sunday mass at St. Malachi’s Church. However, we had quite some time to spare, so we walked around the Christmas Market on the courtyard of Belfast City Hall.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall

They say pictures say a thousand words, so let my words be few on this post (and on any other posts relating to markets here on in…)






ChristmasMarket4 ChristmasMarket5 ChristmasMarket6 ChristmasMarket7 ChristmasMarket8 ChristmasMarket9

Oh and the church? That was stunning, too!

St. Malachi's Church

St. Malachi’s Church


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  1. The giant scones look yummy! What did you try?

    • I had the Polish sausage for lunch (covered on the next post). Gaby bought some of the sweets and we each tried one. It was good…I can’t remember what they’re called though. I was going to come back to the scones, but I was way too full by the time I was finished with my hot dog.

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