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The Street Performers of La Rambla

I should make this known to you – I LOVE BARCELONA. When I first visited in 2009, I wanted to uproot everything I had in Toronto and move there permanently. No joke! Last August (2011), I had the pleasure to return (albeit for a VERY short visit) and stroll Barca’s streets and alleys once again.

One of the highlights of the city is La Rambla – the stretch of tree-lined street spanning from Catalunya to Drassanes, ending at the Christopher Colombus Monument just before harbourfront.  Here you can find flower stalls, pet stores, restaurants, street artists, and many street performers standing side-by-side, vying for your attention (and your spare change!). Mind you, it is courteous to give some money if you want your picture taken with them. I have to admit, they were pretty awesome!

Take a look:

DSCN3268 DSCN3275




Isn't he awesome?

Isn’t he awesome?

Most, actually all, of them stay motionless until they hear the sound of coins falling into their buckets. So, if you want to see some actions,  make sure you have plenty of spare change when you walk down La Rambla.

To this day, I have no idea how this is done.

To this day, I have no idea how this is done.


Mad hatter. Teehee!

Mad hatter 🙂 teehee!

A word of warning, though, La Rambla (well, Barcelona, in general), is known for its notorious pick-pockets. So while you are being amused by these guys, please stay alert, be aware of your surrounding, and pay attention to your belongings!

P.s. Merry (early) Christmas to you and your loved ones!!


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