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San Diego: An Unexpected Beauty

Prior to my trip to San Diego last year, I barely knew anything about it. I didn’t know that it’s supposedly the city with the best weather year-round (said by some locals we ran across) or that it’s located so closely to Disneyland (or is it Disney World? Whatever. One of those – Sorry, I’ve never been a big fan). Or that its world-famous zoo has PANDAS! Or even the fact that it borders with Tijuana, Mexico and you CAN (though not recommended) cross the border for a day-trip! Pssh… Forget all that, I didn’t even know which state it’s in! Yes, it’s shameful, but I’m pretty ignorant about a place… until I decide to make it into a destination, at which point I’d do all my research and cram everything I gathered into my brain.

They were right, though, the weather was beautiful – the sun was shining brightly and the temperature hovered around low to mid 20s (Celcius) making it the perfect day to walk through the city.

We started our day with a stroll through Balboa Park, a massive public garden with a zoo, ampitheatres, fountains, museums, and buildings with stunning Spanish architectures.

Spanish/Moorish architecture

We head over to the Botanical Garden with a reflecting pool on its front yard. Apparently it’s one of the most photographed building in the entire park. I’d believe that – Despite the fact that it somewhat reminds me of the west-coast version of an igloo.

See, I told you – it looks like an igloo!

The Botanical Garden itself contains a variety of flowering plants: from bizzare-looking orchids to plain, old lillies and herbs.

I came home to find hundreds of pictures of flowers inside my memory card. Say, how did those get there?

After strolling through the length of the park, we continued walking to downtown San Diego to catch the noon mass (precisely at 12:07PM, no less!) at St. Joseph Cathedral.

Say a prayer & light a candle

From there, we made our way to Old Town for a Mexican lunch and a quick stroll through the Historic State Park, which, I think, was built more for a tourist attraction rather than the purpose of preserving a lifestyle.


Although we had to cut our sight-seeing short as we needed to make our way to University of San Diego for our retreat that evening, the city did more than enough to leave an impression on me.

San Diego, you are unexpectedly beautiful!


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  1. It does look like an igloo!


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