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Sleeping on Love Lane

I smirked to myself when I first realized that our hostel in Penang is called Red Inn Heritage, located on Lorong Cinta (Love Lane). Come on, you just smirked too, didn’t you? It just has ‘sex district’ written all over it! Don’t tell me that didn’t cross your mind, especially when you see this:

“Illicit liaisons with mistresses”

It also didn’t help that we arrived close to midnight and got lost amidst the labyrinth of sketchy alleys and seemingly rundown buildings surrounding our hostel.

No, Penang does not have 24-hour daylight. These were taken during my morning walk the next day.

Despite my initial reaction, my walk the next morning proved me wrong!

Lanterns over Love Lane

We stayed at Red Inn Heritage, booked from Hostel World. It has a cool, laid-back feel to it with its high ceiling and open-air concept. They serve breakfast every morning, consisting of the usual fares of toasts and jams, accompanied with fresh fruits and the not-so-usual roti canai and curry dip. Scrumptious! Sometimes, they’d play a movie in the afternoon and whoever is home would congregate and watch together. We watched one of the Twilight movies when we were there. Spare me the mockery – we had no say in the movie choice; it was already playing when we got home, I swear!

High-ceiling. I LOVE IT.

Love Lane turns out to be a charming alley complete with a corner 7-Eleven (for your endless need of water supply!) and cheap-eats for backpackers (at the end of the street, along Lebuh Chulia).

Street art made from plastic wires

My point is: If you are looking for budget-friendly and no-frills accommodation, give Love Lane a try! You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Love Lane looks fantastic. I must say I am a sucker for lanterns.


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