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On Old Friends & Board Games

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I’ve always thought I’ve been pretty good at keeping in touch with my friends. I may not see them very often, but at the very least, I somewhat know what they’re up to these days. With social media becoming more popular, it’s very easy to feel that you’ve connected and caught up with them even if you haven’t seen them in a while – all you have to do is click on their profiles, see their most recent pictures, and/or read their tweets. Still, you’ve always had the intention to get together, to pay them a visit, to hang out with them, to go out for that coffee date, but, of course, life gets in the way – it always gets in the way. After the myriad of work responsibilities, family functions, travels, and extra-curricular activities, you realize that you haven’t planned anything and it’s been a gazillion months since you last saw each other.

You see, the thing with old friends is, you forget how much you miss them until you hang out with them. Memories come flooding back when you start recalling those inside jokes (which you still find hilarious) and reminisce on the carefree times of high school, when all you had to worry about was passing the slow-walkers in the hallway so you can get to your locker, grab your Tuesdays with Morrie novel, and run to your English class at the other end of the school, hoping to make it on time so Mr. Stewart doesn’t give you the evil-glance. You forget how random they are until your conversations range from the grocery codes for apples to eating world’s spiciest chili pepper. You also tend to forget how crazy they can be – because, you know, now that we’re all adults and we have responsibilities at work, we often become too serious and we fail to laugh and just be silly. Well, that is, until the board games are brought out and all hell breaks loose.

Case in point:

“It’s black and yellow”
“BUMBLE BEE” (I almost said Whiz Khalifa here, but I caught myself)
“Nope, it’s… uh… spotted.”
“Cheetah, leopard, puma…”
“NO, NO, NO… it’s… vertically gifted”
“A giraffe!”

Just a couple of questions – 1) since when is a giraffe black and yellow? And 2) how exactly does one come up with “vertically gifted”?

Needless to say, it was pure laughter from beginning to end and as Julie aptly puts it: “I woke up with a laughing hangover [the next] morning”

So, thank you, old friends, for crazy good times!


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  1. Awesome post!!! 🙂


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