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Eh. What do people usually write for their first blog post? This is hard.

I think I can officially declare myself as a travel-addict. I went all around South East Asia in February for 3 weeks. And then I went to Arizona in the beginning of May. After that, I went to Ottawa for a weekend jaunt during Victoria Day long weekend. And now I’m itching to go somewhere again. It’s really no wonder that my father gets very angry every time I tell him I want to go somewhere – “BUT YOU JUST CAME BACK FROM SOMEWHERE!”.

Where would I go, you ask? Ooh, that my friend, is easy enough to answer. I have lots of places that I would love to visit. For now, though, I’m thinking local. A place I can visit for a weekend getaway. A girl can only take off so many days off work, you know.

So, please excuse me while I entertain the fantasies I have in my mind:

Who can resist the bean? (By the bean I meant the Cloud Gate sculpture at Millennium Park, in case you were thinking of something else). That plus deep dish pizza, awesome waterfront, and SHOPPING GALORE. I think I’m sold.


Atlantic Ocean! Peggy’s Cove! LIGHTHOUSES! If we’re feeling adventurous, maybe we’ll rent a car and drive around the island or something. Whale watching, possibly?


New York City
This just makes me want to visit NYC that much more! Thank you Jay-Z and Alicia Keys! I should also add that watching Gossip Girl for their first 3 seasons had a huge influence on this one. Seriously, though, I think I just really want to visit NYC because it’s been portrayed so glamorously in all the TV shows and movies (like Home Alone, Friends, that music video up there, Gossip Girl, Sex in the City, and the list goes on). And I live in Toronto. We are neighbours with NYC. It still baffles me that I still haven’t visited to this day.

Who’s coming with me?


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  1. You lucky bum to have so many vacation days to travel and moolah.. I totally understand that feeling but my travel flame has dimmed a bit. Nice blog; globe trotter!

  2. Seriously? You have NEVER gone to NYC!?!? O___O!!

    Just to rub it in, I’m going Canada day weekend~! XP

  3. You should come to my cottage!, you’ve never been there 😛
    Also you should have come to halifax when I was living there!!!
    Additionally, I will come to NYC with you, but it would have to wait until the fall lol


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